Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Apologies are long over-due

So no beers have been poured, no foods paired, and no theology discuseed among the PUB ministry in a few months now. Since we had to enforce new rules and practices into keeping the integrity of the group we lost some key people, and then with others moving away the PUB ministry is currently inactive.


I am going to taste a beer each week, solo. :(

I am going to share something I have learned, solo. :(

And I hope a new community can be born again on this arid and thirsty ground.

With much love

Preach it and Pour it

Pubmaster Tank


James Gregory said...

What are the new rules and practices for PUB Ministry?

Alex said...

well I am sorry to hear the bad news - I'll think of you next time I partake! I think this is a really interesting idea, a little dangerous... I like it!

Pub Ministry said...


Pretty much we were allowing people who made a promise to a certain institution come in and violate that promise. We do not support breaking your word when as Christians our words are our bond. So with that there was a sad distance formed between members. And when we tried to switch the location to a place no longer owned by the same previously mentioned institution another key person dropped away. It was sad and unfortunate.

John said...

I was beginning to worry about you guys. But it sounds like there was reason to worry, change and the accompanying pain is a part of growth. I hope that you can keep this vital ministry going.

I had posted here some months ago that a friend of mine and I have started a Pub Ministry of sorts here in Pendleton, OR. We've had as many as four guys sharing a good brew and theology, but usually it is just the two of us.

In fact, today at noon we met and further discussed Don Miller's book, Through Painted Deserts while enjoying a pint of "Arrogant Bastard"

Peace be unto you, John