Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Beer, Bonding, and Karaoke?

This weekend was another New Belgium night for the PUB Ministry. After trying their traditional Fat Tire Ale last weekend we moved on to a bright and fairly hoppy pilsener. The Blue Paddle was recommended to be paired with grilled summer corn. But because it is neither summer, nor any weather in which we wanted to grill, we did not have this pairing, and were actually pairingless this weekend. This beer was highly favored by the group for its light body and smooth texture.
There was much discussion regarding a variety of subjects, ranging from job searches, to relationships, school, video games, and of course our reading of Praise Habit, by David Crowder.
One member of the group, affectionately known as "Tank" (his real name is Zach, but since there are two Zach's and he has such a cool nickname, we let the other Zach pictured in the Big Foot Ale post be mentioned by his name.) felt that the book was a modern recapturing of "Practicing the Presence of God" by Brother Lawrence. The fresh new approach combined with a certain light-hearted and humorous language helps by giving us insight into how busy our modern day lives are, and how often we simply neglect by forgetting to worship God in our common every day lives. Crowder highlights the aspect of how Praise is the most natural thing in the world, until we grow up, and then when embarrassment comes into play, we get a bit apprehensive about being excited about the things God does and the world he created.
On a larger note, the group took baby steps towards really connecting as a family. Members shared fears, anxieties, deep personal issues regarding how hard life can be at times. These were retained to the group, so that we can begin to bond and connect on a more personal level through prayer and and actual love and concern for our brothers and sisters.

Of course, after so much deep discussion, these 20 somethings needed their outlet and it came in the form of Karaoke via Playstation 2. There was much singing, and dancing, and a lot of laughing. Next Week we are continuing through Praise Habit covering the chapter of "Habit."

Tune in next week for more of the PUB Ministry happenings.

Preach it and Pour it!
The Six Pack


John said...

Hey Guys, I came across your blog a couple months ago and I really love the vibe you have going here. A couple friends and I would like to get something similar started here, any advice on overcoming the obvious roadblock in the minds of traditionalists?
Good call on the New Belgium's Blue Paddle. I'm a fan of their work. Have you given any of the Deschuttes Brewery (Bend, OR) a try. My current fave is Inversion IPA.


The Hosh said...

the Blue Paddle is a good solid brew. Try Avery Salvation next time - if you can find it.